Temper Tantrums – A profound discovery

I heard this story on NPR the other day about Tantrums and part of the story involved how parents should handle them. One of the amazing breakthroughs was that you should just let them go and do nothing. Wow, that’s amazing. Did we really need a study to figure that one out?

That’s almost as amazing as the study that concluded married couples with children tend to gain more weight in the first 10 years of marriage than married couples without children. Un-be-lievable!

Kidding aside though, it was interesting to hear some of their conclusions on the “Science” of tantrums. Plus the child they used as a test subject made my kid’s tantrums seem like nothing more than a mild disagreement.

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The importance of play

Great article from nytimes.com about how important it is for kids to be able to play and be kids. In this age of “No Child Left Behind” where I have heard of FIRST GRADERS having hours of homework and vocabulary lists stretching a full page, we can’t forget that these are just kids. And sometimes kids need to be kids:

“…The best way to improve children’s performance in the classroom may be to take them out of it.

New research suggests that play and down time may be as important to a child’s academic experience as reading, science and math, and that regular recess, fitness or nature time can influence behavior, concentration and even grades…”

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Dad sells daughter for beer!

A pretty amazing story, and not amazing in a good way. Some guy in California literally tried to sell his daughter’s hand in marriage for beer, soda, gatorade, meat, etc…

(I would have at least asked for a couple of second round draft picks and cash considerations)

“…Martinez had arranged through a third party to have his daughter marry the older teenager, identified by authorities as Margarito de Jesus Galindo, of Gonzales, California. In exchange, Galindo was to pay Martinez $16,000 and provide him with 160 cases of beer, 100 cases of soda, 50 cases of Gatorade, two cases of wine, and six cases of meat…”

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