Baby Tech – It’s never too early

For that baby-on-the-go, how about baby’s first MP3 player?

A Music Box for the 21st Century

While MP3 players trend toward smaller and more function-filled with every iteration, tiny and complicated isn’t really what you want in a toddler-friendly product. The important adjectives there are ones like “non-toxic,” “durable,” and “easy-to-find-when-misplaced-under-a-pile-of-toys.” And Baby’s First MP3 Player is music to our ears, literally. It’s a large, rugged, single-piece design, molded from rubber that meets FDA food-grade specifications. Three large buttons invite baby to play or stop the songs, and also hide a super-secret menu for the parents, which includes volume control, a must-have on any product for little ones. Instead of subjecting your iPod to curious, little fingers, give your little ones their own MP3 player to do with as they wish. Your iPod will thank you.

Product Specifications

  • For ages 0-6 years
  • 1 AA battery (included) for 40 hours of use
  • 1 GB memory (16 hours at 128 kbit/s data rate)
  • Music preloaded from award-winning artist Susie Tallman & Friends and Jim Weiss, award winning storyteller
  • Three programmable playlists
  • Integrated speaker
  • LCD display (track number and battery status)
  • USB port (cable included)
  • Headphone jack (headphones not included)
  • AC adapter jack (AC adapter not included)
  • Programmable automatic shut-off timer
  • Hidden volume control
  • 6 1/2″ high

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