Geek Dads Rule!

Great take on what makes geek dads great – and you know who you are…

Taken from

10 Reasons Why Geeks Make Good Fathers

As my wife likes to often point out to my children, I’m a geek. No shame in it – be proud of who you are. Stand on the mountain tops and share with the world – “I’m a geek, and I’m proud!” Any who – Here’s my ten reasons why my children should be happy to have a geek dad…

1. Playing vs Silly Adult Talk
2. Zero chance of cheating on my wife
3. Zero chance of divorce
4. 100% chance of yearly Renaissance Faire trips
5. Free TiVo.
6. Free science lessons.
7. Free tours of the local fire house.
8. All clocks in the house set to the atomic clock.
9. Upgrades, upgrades, upgrades!
10. Geek love for the wife.

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