Yep, you read that right. The Lollapalooza Music festival you remember from your high school and college days is now available in pint size…or rather FOR your pint size. KidzapaloozaFollowing in the footsteps of other great music festivals, Lollapalooza has an offering for the “still hip in their own mind” parent set. At Kidzapalooza (which IS a part of the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago) you can introduce your music-snob-to-be to great live music in one of the best settings there is. And as an added bonus, the music is actually tollerable, if not down-right good! Kid rockers like the hipwaders, the Sippy Cups, and the Paul Green School of Rock All Stars will be on hand, not to mention a couple of more recognizable talents (at least recognizable to the parents) in G Love and even Perry Farrell himself! For more information you can check out the Kidzapalooza Web site, as well as the Kidzapalooza MySpace page. Rock!