Parent Friendly Music Festivals!

I don’t know if Parent Friendly is a term widely used, but I think it is the perfect phrase. Example…Live taping of Barney. NOT parent friendly. Seeing the Jellydots with your kids at the South By Southwest Music festival in Austin. VERY Parent Friendly.

Yes that’s right. One of my newly anointed favorite kid/parent Alt-Pop bands, The Jellydots, are playing the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music festival this year in Austin.

Check out the info below for details…


Look out Auditorium Shores, The Jellydots are back!


When? Saturday, March 17 at 11:00 AM

Where? Town Lake Stage at Auditorium Shores

Price? FREE and ALL AGES!!!


The Jellydots have been wowing the pint-sized set since 2002. Doug Snyder, a full-time guitar instructor, came up with the concept of The Jellydots while writing silly songs with his young guitar students. “Once we had a few songs written, I realized we may be on to something special,“ says Snyder. In November of 2002, Snyder released “Music is Cool,” a collection of songs about his cat, cookies, and race cars.

And if that’s not enough,
and in case you didn’t know, the Austin City Limits Music Festival also has a kid/parent friendly locale called Austin Kiddie Limits with a ton of kid activitie, not to mention completely tolerable kid music, such as the aforementioned Jellydots. They also have a great offering called Tag-A-Kid. Have a special numbered wristband placed on your child’s wrist. You’ll provide them with contact information just in case you get separated from your child. If your child is brought to lost and found, they’ve got an immediate way to contact you!

There’s also a Children’s Theatre and Playzone at Summerfest in Milwaukee!

So fear not my fellow music loving parents. You aren’t doomed to endless scores of the Wiggles and Little Einstein. There’s hope. Let’s help keep the Parent Friendly music alive!

For more great tips of Parent Friendly music, check out Children’s Music that Rocks!


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