Toys of old

You know you’re “getting old” when you look at all the toys available to kids today and suddenly become disgusted by how advanced everything is. I mean seriously, the toys today almost play with themselves. Oh sure, there’s lots of flashing lights and buttons and switches and all that, but they really don’t require a great deal of interaction. “Back in my day…ok amost not even my day because toys were starting to take that route even when I was a kid, but I still remember some of the older toys too. Point of the story is there’s a great toy maker out there called Schylling and they are bringing “Old School” toys back to the forefront. Toys_2I’m talking “REALLY” old school toys. Toys_3Foot powered fire engines, actual WOODEN blocks, chalkboards, kaleidoscopes. These are toys not only require (and help build) motor skills, but also imagination (something I think is starting to escape the kids of today). Here’s one review I recently read:

Schylling is one of the leading toy makers in the USA and has been reviving some of the favorite toys from the past with their retro toys.  Some of the toys were originally popular in the 1950s and some date back to the turn of the 20th century.  Other toys are completely new inventions.  Here are some of our favorites which are sure to delight young children of the 21st century! (Schylling)

Check out all of their cool toys and happy shopping <Link>


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