Just a quick rant to continue on with a previous post on American’s seemingly thinning skin. Several Groups have chimed in on the latest round of Superbowl ads. Apparently the fast food industry is offended by the K-Fed commercial, and The Human Rights Campaign is outraged by the Snickers “Get back your manliness ad.” Hey why stop there? The Fed Ex “Don’t Judge” ad encourages office sterotyping. The Sprint “Connectile Dysfunction” add pokes fun at Men who suffer from “sexual issues.” The GM “Robot” commercial seems to advocate Suicide as the answer when things are going poorly. And the skin gets thinner…These are just COMMERCIALS people. The only thing they are advocating is you purchasing their product. That’s it! If you think otherwise then you need to get your collective head out of your ass and stop taking yourself so seriously.

Here’s another quick take on this issue from the Hanlon’s Razor blog:

(In reference to the Snicker’s ad) “The Mars company is not condoning hate crimes, they aren’t encouraging violence against gays. They made a joke at the expense of homophobics, but the oversensitive wing of my side of the spectrum just sees “joke about gays and something violent happening” and flips their collective wigs. Wigs that I’m sure are very stylish…” <Link>

The one that I can’t believe no one is in an uproar over is the Mencia Bud Light commerical where he’s teaching english as a second language and making fun of various local regional (and racial) stereotypes….Hopefully I’m not giving anyone ideas.


2 thoughts on “Offended!

  1. I’d entirely forgotten about the GM commercial. That may be the best one of the bunch. I can’t believe the company would actually advocate suicide when you lose your job…

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