Quick Hit: Light Bright does not = Terrorist Bomb

If you haven’t read all about this story yet, or if you have and still aren’t sick of it, here’s a great link for all of you from the “Boston city officials are a bunch of half-wits” camp.

Dig: Boston’s WeeklyMooninite

And here’s my favorite take so far on the incident:

“…On MSNBC about 45 minutes ago they had some woman in a power suit pontificating about it all saying that there is no way you can “over react to a situation like this” and that “when you idea of a prank is someone elses idea of terrorism you have a problem.” No, the problem is when a goofy cartoon character made out of a home made Light-Bright giving you the finger is your idea of terrorism you are the one who needs a Bahamavention.


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