Still offended

Well, not me personally, but it seems there are some who are offended. It’s a commercial ok? Not real life!

Dad Gets the Bimbo Treatment in Verizon Ads

A subject near and dear to our hearts is the portrayal of dads and men as blithering idiots in television commercials. The trend has been around for a long time and now there’s an advocacy group speaking out against the practice. The group, Dad’s and Daughters which, in some circles, could be construed to stand for something very different than healthy father/daughter relationships, is furious over a recent Verizon DSL ad which features a computer-clueless Dad trying to help his daughter with her homework online. In the ad, he gets shoed away by his wife as he looks over his daughter’s shoulders. <Link>


Toys of old

You know you’re “getting old” when you look at all the toys available to kids today and suddenly become disgusted by how advanced everything is. I mean seriously, the toys today almost play with themselves. Oh sure, there’s lots of flashing lights and buttons and switches and all that, but they really don’t require a great deal of interaction. “Back in my day…ok amost not even my day because toys were starting to take that route even when I was a kid, but I still remember some of the older toys too. Point of the story is there’s a great toy maker out there called Schylling and they are bringing “Old School” toys back to the forefront. Toys_2I’m talking “REALLY” old school toys. Toys_3Foot powered fire engines, actual WOODEN blocks, chalkboards, kaleidoscopes. These are toys not only require (and help build) motor skills, but also imagination (something I think is starting to escape the kids of today). Here’s one review I recently read:

Schylling is one of the leading toy makers in the USA and has been reviving some of the favorite toys from the past with their retro toys.  Some of the toys were originally popular in the 1950s and some date back to the turn of the 20th century.  Other toys are completely new inventions.  Here are some of our favorites which are sure to delight young children of the 21st century! (Schylling)

Check out all of their cool toys and happy shopping <Link>

A parent…er…sucker born every minute

Time for another look at baby products and the sucker parents who buy them.

Do you remember the first time you walked into Babies R Us and picked up one of those “here are all the things you need to buy before your baby is born” lists? I dont’ know about you by my eyes about popped out of my head. After looking the list over more carefully and consulting with a few friends who already had kids, we realized that half the list is filled with bullshit products that only a new parent could buy. Bottle warmer? Wet wipe warmer? 900mhz audio AND video monitor? Sunggle nest sleep positioner? None of these things is in any way shape or form “necessary.” But by far one of my favorites, for the newly potty-trained, is the Neat Solutions Potty Topper. This, of course, is designed to protect your children from coming into contact with dangeroustoilet cover germs in public restrooms.

The truth? The toilet seat is probably one of the CLEANEST things your child will come into contact with in a public restroom. A quick, somewhat scientific, test performed on Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! (Safety Hysteria: Season 2) showed that people’s hands were FAR more germ ridden than their backsides after sitting on a public toilet.

A couple studies by ABC News showed that your desk at work is probably 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Here’s some more findings from the study:

“…He <Charles Gerba> says most of the germs you and your children pick up in the bathroom are on your hands, so make sure to wash them well but skip the so-called sanitary hand dryer.

“You actually end up with more bacteria with the hand blower because they’re taking the air in the restroom and blowing it onto your hands with the bacteria on it,” said Gerba.

But once your hands are clean there’s no need to worry about the door handle.

“Really the cleanest areas in the bathroom are actually the door handle and the toilet seat,” said Gerba. <Link>

Inducing Labor: Urban Legend or the “Real” deal?

Mom-to-be overdue? Is her continued misery causing you equal if not greater misery? There’s ton’s of so-called sure-fire methods of iducing birth. Walking, driving on a bumpy road, having sex, and so on. But I have another one for you which is even more crazy. It didn’t work for us (Michelle was 3 days over due), but according to the instructions, if it doesn’t work then chances are you did it wrong.

This method comes from Jim Phillips, a radio personality with Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando, FL. How’s it done? Mac n’ Cheese (no really). What’s the secret ingredient? A1 Steaksauce (I am not making this up).

As he puts it, “The surefire recipe is guaranteed to work, (at least 9 out of 10 times) and if it doesn’t, it means YOU screwed it up!”

Read on, and good luck <link>


Just a quick rant to continue on with a previous post on American’s seemingly thinning skin. Several Groups have chimed in on the latest round of Superbowl ads. Apparently the fast food industry is offended by the K-Fed commercial, and The Human Rights Campaign is outraged by the Snickers “Get back your manliness ad.” Hey why stop there? The Fed Ex “Don’t Judge” ad encourages office sterotyping. The Sprint “Connectile Dysfunction” add pokes fun at Men who suffer from “sexual issues.” The GM “Robot” commercial seems to advocate Suicide as the answer when things are going poorly. And the skin gets thinner…These are just COMMERCIALS people. The only thing they are advocating is you purchasing their product. That’s it! If you think otherwise then you need to get your collective head out of your ass and stop taking yourself so seriously.

Here’s another quick take on this issue from the Hanlon’s Razor blog:

(In reference to the Snicker’s ad) “The Mars company is not condoning hate crimes, they aren’t encouraging violence against gays. They made a joke at the expense of homophobics, but the oversensitive wing of my side of the spectrum just sees “joke about gays and something violent happening” and flips their collective wigs. Wigs that I’m sure are very stylish…” <Link>

The one that I can’t believe no one is in an uproar over is the Mencia Bud Light commerical where he’s teaching english as a second language and making fun of various local regional (and racial) stereotypes….Hopefully I’m not giving anyone ideas.

Quick Hit: Light Bright does not = Terrorist Bomb

If you haven’t read all about this story yet, or if you have and still aren’t sick of it, here’s a great link for all of you from the “Boston city officials are a bunch of half-wits” camp.

Dig: Boston’s WeeklyMooninite

And here’s my favorite take so far on the incident:

“…On MSNBC about 45 minutes ago they had some woman in a power suit pontificating about it all saying that there is no way you can “over react to a situation like this” and that “when you idea of a prank is someone elses idea of terrorism you have a problem.” No, the problem is when a goofy cartoon character made out of a home made Light-Bright giving you the finger is your idea of terrorism you are the one who needs a Bahamavention.

Sports bad, video games good

The state of West Virginia is putting a Dance Dance Revolution game in every public school in order to stem the tide of childhood obesity:

The state, which plans to put the popular dancing video game in every one of its public schools, said on Wednesday research suggested that it helped put a halt to weight gain. Preliminary results from a 24-week study of 50 overweight or obese children, aged 7 to 12, showed that those who played the game at home for at least 30 minutes five days per week maintained their weight and saw a reduction in some risk factors for heart disease and diabetes.



Now don’t get me wrong, I love video games. Big fan. Big supporter. Not only do I love video games but I also happen to love DDR. I think it’s good fun, and admitedly a pretty good workout. But the video games aren’t even the issue here. It’s the schools that have a major problem.

Maybe I’m just being an old fogie, or maybe I just don’t understand, but to me people are sending kids mixed messages. For instance, there are quite a few schools across the country who are banning such classic games as dodge ball, touch football, red rover, and in some places even tag (yeah you heard me….tag), while at the same time crying foul against the soft drink, snack, and fast food industries for unscrupulously targeting young kids and causing a huge rise in child obesity.

So let me get this straight. First let’s ban activities that involve running, jumping, and any possible physical contact with other kids because someone might get hurt and sue, or some kid might get their feelings hurt in some way shape or form.

Then, let’s tell everyone that the kids today are too fat and that it’s the fault of sugary foods.

THEN, let’s look like a hero by spending a TON of money (that could otherwise be used to better pay teachers, purchase new books, computers, etc.) to install a bunch of those “video games” that the tech-savy young people today seem to be so fond of. But the game will require them to jump and dance around (one at a time!), thus “tricking” them into exercising.

Huh? Does this make sense to anyone else?

Honestly. What a bunch of fuck-twits! (pardon my language)

Hey Aristotle, here’s brainstorm for ya. There’s a great invention out there that you can use to get kids to exercise and run and dance around AND it’s totally free.

It’s called RECESS!

Though that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong…