Caught in their tractor beam

Here’s a thought. Is it just me? (and it very well could be) or do you find yourself unwittingly being drawn in to any and every baby conversation that takes place within a 100 ft radius? It’s like the millenium falcon being drawn toward the death star.

I’ve noticed this happening to me often ever since Nora was born. People at the office (normally women) will be talking about their babies or trading tips and stories, and without even thinking about it I suddenly find myself standing there next to them, chiming in with my own stories and anecdotes.

Why is that? Some kind of “force” beyond our control? Or is it some sort of “proud parent” instinct? Like it’s coded into our genes somehow that if a baby conversation is taking place nearby, we are instantly compelled to get involved in said conversation?

Same goes for the urge to talk to complete strangers, for no other reason than the fact that they have a baby that looks like it might be somewhat close to the same age as yours.

“Oh how cute, how old?”
“they grow up so fast don’t they?”
and so on…..

Sound familiar?

Maybe it’s because, as a new parent, your social life immediately dwindles upon the arrival of the baby, and you must desperately grasp at any and every opportunity to be social with someone other than your spouse (which is of course not to say that you do not love your spouse any less).

Or maybe we just feel a new and strange bond with complete strangers  – our fellow padawan learners – because we know exactly what they have been through, or are about to go through. Or perhaps they are already a Jedi and we can turn to them for wisdom as to what we might soon expect?

Luke: “what’s in the Babies R Us?”
Yoda: “only what you take with you”

It’s hard to say what the real reason is. And I guess there’s no sense in fighting it. Just sit back, give in to the force, and enjoy the conversation.

“These are not the binkys you are looking for”
“You can go about your business”
“move along”


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