Photographic memory

I had a couple of moments yesterday that are so cheesy I just have to talk about them. I don’t know if this sort of thing is strictly a father daughter moment or not, but yesterday after a short morning hike down in SC, we were trying to get Nora to go down for a nap. Naturally she wasn’t having anything to do with it, so we resorted to the electronic babysitter in hopes she would calm down enough to sleep. I wrapped her up in a fuzzy blanket (she still loves to be swaddled), laid down on the couch and propped her in a sitting position on my stomache facing the TV and an episode of Little Einstein. I was the first to doze off, not surprisingly, and when I awoke (Shelly actually nudged me awake) I saw that Nora was still in her upright sitting position, and had also nodded off. Wrapped in her blanket, sitting upright, and completely asleep. It was so funny and cute all at the same time, and I didn’t want to move and risk waking her up. Eventually Michelle hoisted her upstairs to her bed where she of course woke up immediately. She’s a stinker that way.

Later that evening Michelle had gone out shopping with her sister and I was tending to the rug rat. I had a couple pillows stacked up on the couch and placed her down on top of them in a sitting position. We sat and watched a tape delayed UFC fight from Friday (she’s a bit of a sports fan and was loving it). Then all of a sudden, she leaned sideways and put her head on my shoulder. I have no idea if she really knew what she was doing, but it was one of those moments that took me by surprise and reminded me how truly amazing it is to be a father. Not to mention the father of such a wonderful little girl.

I hope I never lose that moment. Ever.


One thought on “Photographic memory

  1. I had to laugh, one of my fav pictures is the 3 year, face down on the table in her plate of food, sound asleep. It had been a busy day and she just gave up at dinner time.

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