I came across this book review recently and although I haven’t read the book myself, it definitely looks like it’s worth a read. Here’s the full (albeit brief) review, courtesy of Wired Magazine’s Monthly Top Ten Playlist:

Alternadad by Neal Pollack
Writer and aspiring rock star Neal Pollack chronicles his journey from single hipster pothead to married-with-child hipster pothead. While the genre – unlikely parental candidate explores the decision to breed and its consequences – isn’t exactly unique, Pollack’s take on the milestone’s of fatherhood (like how he coaxed a wayward noodle our of his 2-year-0ld’s nose) is.

Happy reading.


One thought on “AlternaDad

  1. Actually, I just finished reading the book. My husband picked it up for himself, but I hijacked it. I both loved it and hated it, mainly because I loved this family and Neal’s sense of humor and also hated some of the ways they chose to do things. (Like, moving into cities that seem hip because there are dive bars and shanty cafes around, without doing any real research on the kind of neighborhood they’re bringing their kid into. And having no clue that, er yeah, A LOT of daycare centers–certainly the good ones–have waiting lists.) In any event, if you’re one of my generation of would-be/already-are parents in their 30s/40s who want to raise your kids on The Ramones and Devo, forego chain stores (mostly) and remain “cool”, potentially to a fault, this book’s for you.

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