Blame game

News Story that caught my eye this morning:
MySpace sued by Parents who don’t keep an eye on their kids:
This isn’t a surprise: News Corp is being sued by four families whose underage daughters were sexually abused by people they met on MySpace. The families, from New York, Texas, Pennsylvania and South Carolina, filed separate suits on Wednesday in the Los Angeles Superior Court. News Corp stands accused of fraud, negligence, recklessness and negligent misrepresentation – essentially, that MySpace does nothing to prevent these events from occurring. (No word yet on what the parents did to prevent it.) MySpace is currently developing tracking software for parents, but too late to prevent these cases.

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Nothing pisses me off more than these types of lawsuits. Don’t get me wrong, the perpetrators did deplorable things and are/should get what they deserve. But it’s the blame game that gets me so riled up. When are parents going to take responsibility for their kids? Society can’t be to blame for every bad deed your kid does! Here’s a great quote from the story above that puts it in perspective. “…If these predators had communicated with the kids via phone calls, the phone company wouldn’t be to blame.” My point exactly! Regardless of how these kids came into contact with bad people, at one point each of them left the house and their parents had no idea where they were going. With all of the predator stories floating about it is beyond me how a parent can NOT know what their kids are up to when they are online. Maybe it’s not as simple as that. My daughter is only 7 months old and has not yet mastered the computer. Hopefully by the time she does, these sorts of events won’t be as prevelant, but regardless I will make damn sure that I know what new risks and threats are out there. If I don’t or just choose to ignore those dangers, who the hell am I to sue someone else for my ignorance?


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