Car description a stretch (well…not really)

The wife and I have started doing some initial car searching for a new “Family Truckster” (that’s a station wagon for those of you who never saw National Lampoon’s Vacation). So here’s my question. When did the hatchback suddenly become the compact wagon??? A wagon? really? Let’s just compare a couple of current one’s on the market shall we? Take the VW Rabbit Hatchback (yes, VW does still refer to it as a hatchback) and the Suzuki SX4 Compact Wagon.

Suzuki SX4

The VW has the same amount of front headroom and MORE rear headroom. The XS4 is shorter in length than the VW and has a slimmer wheel base than the VW, yet somehow it’s a “compact wagon”? Somehow, the XS4 claims a (questionable) 38 cubic inches or trunk space to the VWs 15. This annoys me for no other reason than it requires me to sift through all of the faux-wagons in search of an actual wagon wagon that is still cool enough to not make me look like a tool while driving it. Though that’s a pretty tall order for any car company…


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