Pictures. As a new father, or just as a new parent for that matter, you are probably taking close to a frillion pictures a week. Chances are that some if not most of these photos are being snapped with a digital camera, and then downloaded to your computer.

I have two pieces of advice for all the papa-razzis out there.

Number one – Back up all of your photos to disk. A few months ago my computer died and I had to wipe it and re-install all of the system software. Needless to say we lost everything that had been on the computer. Documents, emails, music files, and of course photos. It was a little sad, though luckily we didn’t lose any of Nora because we had everything uploaded to Shutterfly.

Which brings me to point number two – I highly recommend one of those online photo sharing/printing websites. They are all very similar in price, quality, and so on. Which one you pick will probably end up being a personal preference. You can check out a CNet review of most of them at this link.

Another nice feature of these sites (at least of shutterfly) is having access to all of your pictures from anywhere (anywhere you have web access that is). And you can create a personal web page to store all of your online photo albums where family and friends can go to see any and every picture you take (very nice feature for the grandparents!).

You’ll also marvel at house fast that little rug rat is growing up. I love techmology!


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