You’re nuthin’ but a bum-bo

bumbo The Bumbo. Ever heard of this thing? It’s called a Bumbo, and it kicks much ass! One of the wife’s girlfriends told us about it and we went out and got one right away. Nora hates (and has always hated) “tummy time” so the Bumbo was a great way for us to get her up off her back and start strengthening those neck muscles without pissing her off by putting her on her stomach. She loved the thing.

She’s getting to the point now where she’s not quite as fond of it because she can more or less sit up on her own.                                                                                                                 bumbo2 But for infants still too small to sit up, this thing is really solid. You’re only supposed to use it on the floor, but we would take it in to restaurants with us and set it up on the table, or put her in it and place it on a chair so she could look out the window. She loved watching the cars go by. The posibilities are endless…If you don’t have on, you need one! But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.


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