Baby loves disco

Baby Loves Disco: Family Dance Party Is Sweeping the Country

Posted by Karen on Thursday, January 11, 2007 9:02 AM
(Original post can be seen on Strollerderby )

Okay.  I truly thought that disco was dead.  Turns out I’m wrong; it’s hip!

You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a room full of up to 400 under-8-year-olds and their parents doing the Hustle or getting down to the sounds of Evelyn “Champagne” king.  That’s right, Baby Loves Disco is not only the new, but the only (that I know of) family dance party, and it might be in your town!  Currently in more than 16 cities from coast to coast, Baby Loves Disco is “transforming the hippest night clubs into child proof discos” at “an afternoon dance party featuring real music spun and mixed by real djs”, and includes such extras as bubble machines, diaper-changing stations, an array of healthy and often organic snacks, plus (and this is where they hooked me) a bar for “non-driving adults”.
For an average ticket price of $12 (a little more if you live in an already pricey city, and if you do, you know who you are) per “walking human” (non-walkers are free), you get up to 3 hours of non-structured fun with music, lights, and non-stop dancing under the muted tones of (naturally) a disco ball!  Held monthly in some of the coolest night clubs in town, Baby Loves Disco promises to be one of the hottest places to hang out with your kids this winter.
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