Trend: Baby Rock

Musicians, labels and clubs are specializing on music and concerts for the youngsters of the “hip” generation.

Trend Description
Gone are the times where there was music for kids and music for adults. More and more parents in their 30s and 40s want to enjoy the music together with their kids. Labels and Musicians actually adapt real rock classics for child-friendly albums or compose some kind of cool and funny kid rock, which parents can enjoy over and over again. On top of that there are also concerts and events where little children and their caregivers can start enjoying their family rock career together.

Trend Impact:
Sesame Street and Baby Einstein might have started the idea of kid’s music as a social connection between parents and their kids, but now more and more labels, musicians and festival organizer are taking this idea a step further. The market for records and events that children and even babies can actually enjoy together with their adults is huge. Today’s busy parents want to spend a lot of quality time with their children, they sometimes feel more like the “big brothers or sister” who want to show the little ones, what they consider cool. First marketing-partnerships are made, an example being Dan Zanes and Starbucks.  Read more –>


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